About Prabhat

Prabhat, The Temple of Art is an internationally renowned artistic institution from India. The organization has created stage history with a unique blend of tradition along with sophisticated stage techniques of the present technological era.

The ability to communicate effectively by employing innovative and creative choreography along with audio-visual craftsmanship has made this group distinctive. “Prabhat” (which incidentally means artists as lively as the dancing rays of dawn) – was one of the first organizations that has overcome the language barrier and presented themes in classical dance forms using contemporary techniques. The company’s Dance Dramas are entirely original, slipping free of the conventional and the commonplace, coming up with new insight, a new idea, a new approach with every production.

The Group consists of 100+ artists, playback singers, yoga experts, animators and technicians. Another important feature of Prabhat is its superb presentation of almost all the classical forms of dance. Traditional and appropriate costumes in all their gorgeousness, exhaustively researched and thoroughly well-rehearsed lend an air of authenticity to the systems suitably made use in their dance dramas.

Prabhat has widely travelled the World and presented cultural programs for prestigious festivals, international symposiums, and cultural events and in various occasions in different parts of the World like USA, Switzerland and other European Countries, Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian countries.

Today, Prabhat is an institution of International standard and its achievements in the theatre world have been quite outstanding. “Prabhat” is literary “The Temple of Art” where hundreds of young men and women throng for training in theatre arts. There is a fully equipped stage props arena, costumes unit, make-up, training classes, Abhinaya, dance, music, drama, yoga courses, and recording studios.

Since 1930, Prabhat is constantly contributing to the field of art and all the auxiliary wings of the same. Prabhat is renowned as the pioneers in creating marvels on stage with unprecedented stage techniques, concept, music, dance, lights, costumes and the like.

Artistic Directors

Aacharya Raghavendra J Prabhat

Aacharya Raghavendra J Prabhat:

Aacharya Raghavendra J Prabhat hails from the culturally rich Lineage of Saint Poet Purandara Dasaru, Father of Carnatic Classical Music. Often termed as an intellectual orator, Aacharya Raghavendra J Prabhat, is a writer, literati, director, philosopher, poet, Costume designer and one of Karnataka’s foremost cultural figures, well versed in diverse fields of music, dance, theatre, and spiritualism.

An able cultural ambassador, Aacharya Raghavendra, has travelled the length and breadth of India and foreign countries like USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, and the like, spreading the fragrance of the Indian culture and heritage.

A Nadaprabhu Kempegowda award winner, Aacharya Raghavendra, is one of the finest trainers of the rich Hari-Katha/Katha-Keertana parampara. He also holds to his credit of reviving the sacred practice of ‘Ranga Pooja’ before every classical performance as per the guidelines mentioned by Bharatha Muni and Abhinava Gupta.

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Guru Shakuntala R Prabhath

Guru Shakuntala R Prabhath:

Shakuntala R Prabhath is one of Karnataka’s many splendid artists. A classical Bharatanatyam dancer and prime Natuvanar par excellence, Guru. Shakuntala is trained in Bharatanatyam style of dance under the renowned guru Smt. Narmada.

Guru. Smt. Shakuntala, apart from being a Bharatanatyam dancer, is also trained in martial arts, folk dances and yoga. A splendid artist and dance choreographer, Shakuntala, has choreographed several dance dramas, plays and dance productions for stage and television.

Guru. Shakuntala has performed and carried Indian culture and heritage nationally and internationally and has proved to be an able cultural ambassador. She has travelled all over India and many other countries such as U.S.A, U.K, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland and several places in Europe taking with her a whiff of the cultural heritage of our country. She has represented the country at several international seminars and cultural festivals considering which, many cultural and government organizations have bestowed several awards upon her.

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Bharat R Prabhath

Bharat R Prabhath:

Bharat R Prabhath hails from the illustrious family of Prabhath. The originative highbrow was exposed to the values of Indian arts, culture and traditions from a very young age.

Bharat began his formal training in Kathak in the year 2004 under the able guidance of Smt Nirupama and Shri Rajendra. He has had the opportunity to tour across the country and abroad and participate in a number of programmes at prestigious festivals.

A passionate theatre personality, Bharat, has been a part of several acting projects of the TV like, Uttara Rama Charitam (Sanskrit), Haddina Kannugalu and he also holds the credit of directing plays for various institutions and forums.

A recent production that took entire Bangalore by storm was Kathaastra co-directed and co-choreographed by Bharat. Fresh Start-up conclave considered the marketing of Kathaastra as one of the pioneering and trend-setting experiments in the field of art!

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Sharat R Prabhath

Sharat R Prabhath:

Sharat has had the fortune of being very closely associated with Indian arts and culture from a very young age. He began his training in Carnatic classical music under the able guidance of Dr Hamsini Nagendra. He now continues to learn under Karnataka Kalashree – Tirumale Srinivas.

Sharat is also undergoing training in the classical dance style of Kathak for many years under the able tutelage of the famous dancing duo, Smt. Nirupama and Sri. Rajendra and now continues to learn under the maestro of Jaipur gharana - Pt. Rajendra Gangani (Kathak Kendra, New Delhi). Apart from being a performer, Sharat also takes a special interest in directing dance musicals and one such spectacular trend-setting production co-directed and co-choreographed by Sharat is Kathaastra, which created several benchmarks in the field of dance and theatre.

Awards & Recognition

Sharat has been bestowed with the following awards:

  • The prestigious Uday Shankar award for excellence in choreography and production making from AttenDance.
  • Haridaasacharya title for continuing the legacy of Harikatha.
  • Rajendra Deep Nrittya Samman for excellence in Kathak.
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Prabhat was established in 1930 and ever since then; the organization has been involved in serving and contributing to society through its offerings. Prabhat is known for,